Packages that split hackage

Isaac Dupree ml at
Sun Nov 15 14:51:27 EST 2009

Duncan Coutts wrote:
> I've been trying to make a consistent set of packages to test releases
> of Cabal and cabal-install.
> What I've noticed is that there are a small number of packages that
> almost cut hackage down the middle. 
> At the moment the main culprit is
> QuickCheck 1 vs 2
> Whichever version you pick, you exclude a large swath of packages.

Can't you allow both 1 and 2 simultaneously?  QuickCheck, at least, 
rarely involves re-exporting QuickCheck's types from packages that 
depend on QuickCheck, so allowing both is unlikely to cause build errors.

> The other notable ones are
> HaXml 1.13 vs 1.19
> parsec 2 vs 3
> haskell-src-exts, lots of packages depend (directly or indirectly) on
> various incompatible 1.x versions.

parsing libraries are also relatively likely to be an internal-only 
dependency, but who knows...


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