[haskell-platform] #56: Dependency on editline C library not checked by ./configure

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Sun Nov 15 07:47:01 EST 2009

#56: Dependency on editline C library not checked by ./configure
 Reporter:  anonymous (solrize)     |        Owner:  dons    
     Type:  defect                  |       Status:  reopened
 Priority:  major                   |    Milestone:  2009.4.0
Component:  Generic source tarball  |   Resolution:          
 Keywords:  editline                |  
Comment (by Araneidae):

 Well, this defect remains ... and there's a further defect (let me know if
 I should raise this separately):

 On Ubuntu 9.10 I have libeditline-dev installed, but the only header file
 which is installed is /usr/include/editline.h (defining readline() and
 add_history()), whereas the make for haskell-platform is looking for
 editline/editline.h -- which means, of course, it fails to find it.

 I've tried adding editline.h to the AC_CHECK_HEADERS list (line 47,
 packages/editline- and running autoconf, but
 something isn't right: my resulting ./configure is quite broken.  Maybe my
 autoconf (version 2.64) or one of its macros is broken?

 To be more specific, ./configure in packages/editline- fails with

     checking for tputs in -lncurses... ./configure: line 2853: syntax
 error near unexpected token `('
     ./configure: line 2853: `case "(($ac_try" in'

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