[haskell-platform] #9: Produce an exact package list for distributions

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Tue Mar 31 06:26:20 EDT 2009

#9: Produce an exact package list for distributions
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 For distributions we need to give clear specific advice on what they need
 to package to support the Haskell Platform.

 This should take the form of an exact list of package names and versions.
 We should advise that the versions are important and that it is not ok to
 substitute different versions (particularly not different major versions).

 We should advise that distros provide a meta-package corresponding to the
 Haskell Platform release. This is not an alien concept to distros as they
 already do this for GNOME and  other systems that are collections of
 packages. It provides an easy way for users to get exactly the right bits.
 We should provide instructions on the download site (#5) for each distro
 that supports the platform.

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