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#8: Generic Unix source tarball
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Priority:  major   |   Milestone:  Release 1: 2008.0.0
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 We need someone to take charge of building a generic Unix source tarball.

 This is for early testers and users of distros that to not yet support the
 platform. It does not need to bundle a source version of ghc. It should
 check that a minimal ghc is available. It should use a tarball with the
 traditional interface of `./configure; make; make install`.

 It does not need to be implemented using autotools. `./configure; make;
 make install` is an interface. One possible implementation would be to
 build cabal-install and then use that to install all the remaining
 packages in the platform.

 Since this form is likely to be used for early testing on many platforms
 it would be great to support cabal-install's mechanism for generating
 build logs and reports that could be uploaded to a new hackage server.
 This is not essential for a first release however but may make
 coordinating testing easier.

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