universal binary version of Haskell Platform?

Benjamin L. Russell DekuDekuplex at Yahoo.com
Mon Dec 7 01:22:54 EST 2009

On Thu, 03 Dec 2009 16:38:15 -0500, Gregory Collins
<greg at gregorycollins.net> wrote:

>The tool that takes cabal libraries and builds OSX packages is called
>cabal2macpkg (http://github.com/gregorycollins/cabal2macpkg) -- a while
>back I had a version that generated Tiger-format installers, because the
>Tiger-era installer packages are a lot simpler to understand and build.
>(and Apple's command-line tools actually work!)
>I had to scrap that plan because the installer system wouldn't let me
>bundle a Tiger-format package and a Leopard-format package (i.e. the
>GHC binary installation package) together into the same package. The
>code could be rescued & cleaned up from the version control history but
>I don't have a Tiger machine (or a PPC) so someone else would have to
>pick up that ball in order to build Haskell Platform binaries for Tiger
>or for PPC machines, sorry.

Well, since I'm right in the middle of replacing my faulty RAM and
reinstalling my OS, it is possible for me to install Tiger instead of
Leopard (at least until creating a PPC-compatible version of the
Haskell Platform), and my machine is a G4 PPC machine.

If the process is simple enough and doesn't take too much time, I'd be
interested in helping out (once my new RAM arrives and I get enough of
a break from work to find enough time).  What needs to be done in
order to create a Tiger-format installer, and how does the process
differ from creating a Leopard-format installer?  Is there any
possibility that we could, perhaps, work together on this, and you
could, for example, tell me the details of exactly what commands need
to be executed (at least for those parts with which I am not familiar)
so that I could report the results of the execution back to you
(perhaps with screenshots, if necessary), thereby combining my PPC
machine with your knowledge and experience?  That would seem the most
efficient way of creating this project in the least amount of time,
and then we could share credit for collaboration when posting the
package on Hackage, perhaps?

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