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#8: Generic Unix source tarball
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 I tried the generic unix tarball on Mac OS X and noted that there is an
 error in the autoconf script.

 The autoconf script checks whether {{{$target_os}}} is {{{darwin*}}} or
 win32, without requesting {{{AC_CANONICAL_TARGET}}}.
 As a result, {{{$target_os}}} is empty and {{{OSX=yes}}} resp.
 {{{WIN32=yes}}} is never set.
 Because of this, the OpenGL test fails on my system.

 I'm not an autoconf expert, but it works if you insert the following lines
 at line 2 of config.in
 and copy {{{config.sub}}} and {{{config.guess}}} into the scripts/
 If attached a patch to fix this problem, but it should be reviewed by
 someone comfortable with autotools.

 -- benedikt

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