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#6: Windows installer
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 Priority:  major     |    Milestone:  Release 1: 2009.0.0
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Comment (by duncan):

 Yay! It works :-)

 Feedback on current installer:

  * Does it need to ask for two independent dirs during installation? One
 for ghc and one for everything else. Can't we just ask for a single
 location and install everything (including ghc) under that?

  * If we used a single install tree then there would be a nicer layout
 rather than two doc dirs, to bin dirs etc.

  * We should not install ghc-paths. In any case the paths are wrong
 because they refer to the paths on the build machine not the target
 machine. Haddock is currently bundled as part of ghc so it does not need
 to be included again. Then ghc-paths is not needed either.

  * Perhaps the programs (start menu) group should default to Haskell
 rather than GHC?

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