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#7: Installer/package for OSX
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Comment (by gregorycollins):

 The "cabal2macpkg" program will take a .cabal package and turn it into a
 mac installer file. I envision it having two modes:

     1. take a single .cabal library and make a .pkg file

     2. read a .cabal file, turn all of its dependencies into .pkg files,
        and package those up together into an .mpkg file.

 I've gotten most of the way through the first part; the process goes:

     1. find a .cabal file in the current working directory

     2. run "cabal build; cabal haddock" into a staging area

     3. run "cabal register --gen-pkg-config" and postprocess the results
        to generate a registration script that will be run by the OS X

     4. turn the staging area into a mac package file using the OS X
        developer tools

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