[haskeline] #81: haskeline assumes all characters have width = 1

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#81: haskeline assumes all characters have width = 1
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Comment (by soiamso):

 Replying to [comment:12 judah]:
 > Thanks for your help.  I have not gotten CJK working in my console, but
 I may be able to get access to another machine that has it set up.
 > In the meantime, I pushed a patch to the repository; would you be able
 to test it on your machine?  You can get the development version with
 darcs (http://darcs.net) using:
 > {{{darcs get http://code.haskell.org/haskeline}}}
 > Then {{{cd}}} into that directory and type {{{cabal install --user}}} to
 install it.  Once it's installed, try building and running the program in
 {{{examples/Test.hs}}}.  Let me know if you have problems getting those
 steps to work.

 I test the patch *Attempt to fix #81 on Windows path

 left and delete navigate is all right in one line case.

 Some Problem:

 1st:Right arrow Key fail
 Cause exception even under just ASCII string
 error as:
 SetConsoleCursorPosition argument Invalid

 2nd:multiline problem(may be this is not the major problem
 and no line end trace in the patch):
 if have multiline ASCII char, counting wrong
 many "a" let cross one line
 many "left" the blink-blink will in ":"
 If cross two line(total 3 line) will in "0"

 if at the end of the line have CJK char, counting wrong
 many "a" let the CJK just cross the line and let the fist line left one
 "cell" blank, many "left arrow key" the blink-blink will in ":"
 a wrong position.

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