[haskeline] #81: haskeline assumes all characters have width = 1

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#81: haskeline assumes all characters have width = 1
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Comment (by soiamso):

 Replying to [comment:10 judah]:
 > Can you please give some specific steps which cause a problem with
 Haskeline's output in the Windows console?  (For example, the comment from
 09/17/09 demonstrated a problem in Linux with deleting Korean characters.)

 I hope your Win system have CJK support or font set.
 This is the reproduce method.

 Test under WinXP with ghci with GHC 7.0.1

 Same as the deleting Korean characters. CJK  & wide char have the same
 problem. while Navigate the string.


 Prelude > 输入法

 and then navigate (left button 3 times )or delete(backspace 3 times)

 Prelude > 输入

 2 Char will still display there or "3" cell still on the console.

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