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#110: Pressing Enter results in M
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 When pressing the Enter key in GHCi, it responds by an `M` character and
 the Enter is forgotten. When I press `Ctrl+M` instead it works.

 I am using Linux Mint 9 (Isadora). GHCi is 6.12.3, I have the Haskell
 Platform installed, and haskeline is I am assuming it's a
 haskeline bug just because everything else (like the terminal itself,
 python when run from the terminal, for example) works.

 I am using GNOME-terminal 2.29.6. I have tried XTerm(256) but that also
 has the same problem.

 `$ echo $LANG`
 produces `en_AU.utf8`

 On #haskell it was suggested that I use
 `$ rlwrap ghci`
 but that didn't work either.

 Trying to use haskeline as a library from GHCi failed because GHCi
 reported that haskeline is unusable due to missing or recursive dependency
 on mtl.

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