[haskeline] #109: Completion with choice modifiers

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#109: Completion with choice modifiers
Reporter:  boris        |       Owner:  boris     
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 Currently function completeWord receives a function to produce a list of
 possible completions and passes it a word which should be completed. The
 function does not know about other user input.

 For example, if user entered ":m - Data.Lis" and " -" are in list of
 characters which count as whitespaces, the function which suggests
 completion will receive only "Data.Lis".

 I want to pass modifiers(a bad term, perhaps) to the function as well. The
 modifier is a single optional character before word.

 Use case: If function in ghci knows that modules will be removed, it will
 be more convenient if it suggests only modules which have already been
 added to the context.

 I have written the function completeWordWithModifier and based already
 present completeWord on it. The behavior of completeWord was not modified.
 The modified file Completion.hs is attached.

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