[haskeline] #105: Segfault on getInputLine and getInputChar

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Thu Apr 1 16:25:59 EDT 2010

#105: Segfault on getInputLine and getInputChar
Reporter:  syfran    |        Owner:       
    Type:  defect    |       Status:  new  
Priority:  major     |    Milestone:  0.6.2
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Keywords:  segfault  |  
Comment (by judah):

 OK, great.  Sounds like there's a problem with the Haskell terminfo
 bindings package (which I also maintain).  From what you said, I was able
 to get a bus error on my machine from within my own (non-eterm) terminal
 by running
 {{{TERM=Eterm ghci}}}.

 Can you confirm that in Eterm, by default {{{TERM=Eterm}}} (with that
 exact capitalization)?  I'll look into fixing this.

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