[haskeline] #74: Haskeline can't link against MacPorts' libiconv

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Thu Feb 5 13:22:21 EST 2009

#74: Haskeline can't link against MacPorts' libiconv
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Comment (by judah):

 Letting the iconv package take care of this issue would be definitely be

 The problem is that it exclusively uses lazy bytestrings, which aren't
 really suited for Haskeline's incremental input reader (which in the
 common case reads one character at a time).  We'd probably need something
 like `openPartialDecoder` from
 .  I'm not sure what a generic API for that functionality would look like,

 Actually, taking another look at the iconv package,
 Codec.Text.IConv.convertLazily might be good enough; I'm worried about
 efficiency, though, since for each chunk of input (usually 1-5 characters)
 it would call `iconv_open` and allocate a 32k buffer.  But I haven't
 profiled it yet to know whether that's actually a concern.

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