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#102: Haskeline does not recognize
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 Having upgraded from GHC 6.8 to GHC 6.10, I noticed many regressions when
 using the new haskeline-based GHCi versus the previous readline-based
 GHCi.  My fingers rebelled; filing this bug to request the recognition of
 additional keys by default.

 First, key sequences that haskeline doesn't recognize:

 keyseq: "\ESCOH" home
 keyseq: "\ESCOF" end
 keyseq: "\ESC[3~" delete
 keyseq: "\ESC[1;5A" ctrl-up
 keyseq: "\ESC[1;5B" ctrl-down
 keyseq: "\ESC[1;5C" ctrl-right
 keyseq: "\ESC[1;5D" ctrl-left

 Second, bindings that haskeline doesn't recognize:

 bind: ctrl-p up
 bind: ctrl-n down

 (Also ctrl-y for yank, but I haven't found that one yet.)

 And third, bindings that readline doesn't have by default, but many
 distributions and users add to readline and thus allow in all readline-
 using apps:

 bind: ctrl-left meta-b
 bind: ctrl-right meta-f

 Please consider adding these key sequences and bindings.

 If any of these already exist in versions newer than that which shipped in
 GHC 6.10, my apologies.

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