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#138: Malformed or missing comments in files with #line directive
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Changes (by liyang):

 * cc: haskell.org at liyang.hu (added)


 Likely related: I have some {{{.hsc}}} files that get expanded to
 something like the following:
 module Lines where

 #line 100
 -- | cow.
 cow :: ()
 cow = ()

 #line 101
 -- | moo.
 moo :: ()
 moo = ()
 Unfortunately haddock attributes both comments to {{{cow}}}. Weirder
 still, removing the comment for {{{moo}}} puts it before {{{cow}}} in the
 output (because both are now defined on lines 101–102?), while the comment
 for {{{cow}}} is now attached to {{{moo}}}.

 Wouldn't it be simpler and more predictable for haddock to just ignore any
 line directives? If some arbitrary preprocessor severs a comment from its
 intended target, it's a losing game to try to infer where it ought to have

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