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#186: invalid xhtml being generated
Reporter:  Phyx    |       Owner:        
    Type:  defect  |      Status:  new   
Priority:  major   |   Milestone:  2.10.0
 Version:  2.9.2   |    Keywords:        
 I'm adding a new backend to haddock and am consuming the xhtml being
 generated by the html backend. While doing so I've (so far) noticed two
 points where invalid xhtml is being generated:

 1) inside Xhtml.hs line 180 "nonEmpty sectionName"

 "sectionName" already contains a class attribute, and nonEmpty adds
 another one (incorrectly). You end up with 'class="caption" class="empty"'
 instead of 'class="caption empty"'.

 I beleive this is an xhtml issue, and have reported it so
 and have for now created a method emptySectionName which outputs the
 proper classes:

 -- | Make a special empty paragraph with the
 emptySectionName :: Html -> Html
 emptySectionName entry = paragraph ! [theclass "caption empty"] <<
 (spaceHtml +++ entry)

 2) frames.html (the template) is invalid

 # <head> is never closed[[BR]]
 # <title> is ommitted[[BR]]
 # empty <frame> elements are not closed

 I've attached a valid one

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