[haddock] #20: We don't handle non-ASCII characters in doc comments

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#20: We don't handle non-ASCII characters in doc comments
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Comment (by leonelfl):

 Non english programmers need this.

 While not related to Haskell language capabilities, the fact of having
 tools that work universally gives credibility to the whole platform.

 UTF-8 support is necessary. It must be stressed out that other people are
 programming, explaning their programs and having interfaces in languages
 others than english. They do this naturally and expect to so without any

 Let's do stop thinking that Haskell is just for Haskell programmers that
 program for fun and that are willing to show each others results in
 english (lingua franca). Haskell platform components need to usable in
 environments which purpose is not Haskell itself.

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