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#108: Output semantically correct HTML
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 Version:  2.4.2   |   Resolution:       
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Comment (by simonmar):

 tibbe - I've been waiting for someone to overhaul Haddock's layout for a
 long time, you have my full endorsement.

 Some specific comments:

  * I like to see code in a monospaced font
  * I think the layout is a little less compact than the current layout.
 Can't we put argument types and descriptions on the same line, as in the
 current layout?
  * I'd like the synopsis to be hide-able with a +/- button.  Sometimes it
 is huge and just gets in the way.
  * don't forget the header stuff (package name, link to contents and
 source code etc.)
  * it's probably a good idea to do an example with all the various kinds
 of Haskell declaration and markup, so we can see how they all look.

 Tables aren't that bad, given that there isn't a good equivalent in CSS.
 However, the horrible fixed-size cell stuff in the current Haddock layout
 is very ugly, I grant you.

 BTW, isn't there a copyright on that particular style? :)

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