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#108: Output semantically correct HTML
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 Haddock's HTML output relies on tables for layout and formatting. This has
 two drawbacks:

 1. The generated HTML is much larger than needed as more tags are needed.

 2. It's hard to write alternative stylesheets.

 I've been experimenting with a new stylesheet and I believe we can get
 away with using less markup than we currently do. The only place where I
 see a possible need to use tables in the markup is in the function
 parameter listings and even there a definition list would probably be more

 I've attached an example HTML file that demonstrates what the markup could
 look like. It comes with a stylesheet that mimics the style used at Google
 Code. This stylesheet is for demonstration purposes only.

 The first two tasks would be to change the HTML backend to output
 semantically correct HTML and to create a stylesheet that replicates the
 current Haddock style using this HTML.

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