ANNOUNCE: Haddock 2.4.2

David Waern david.waern at
Sat Mar 21 16:10:02 EDT 2009

-- Haddock 2.4.2

A new version of Haddock, the Haskell documentation tool, is out.

This is a bug fix release only, and it's the same version that will ship with
GHC 6.10.2, unless any important problems are discovered before the GHC

Because the .haddock file format has changed, links to previously installed
documentation will not work when generating documentation using this version.

Please use the bug tracker to submit bug reports or feature requests.

-- Changes in version 2.4.2

  * Support for GHC 6.10.2

  * Haddock no longer crashes on Template Haskell modules (#68)
    (only with GHC 6.10.2 or above)

  * Fix problem with Template Haskell-generated declarations disappearing (#59)

  * Generate two anchors for each link for compatibility between IE and Opera

  * Improved error messages

  * Show re-exports from external packages again (GHC ticket #2746)

  * Store hidden modules in .haddock files again (needed by the haddock

  * Avoid processing boot modules

  * Pragmas may exist between document comments and declarations

  * Do not indicate that a constructor argument is unboxed

  * Fix problem with non-working links to ghc-prim

  * Allow referring to a specific section within a module in a module link

  * Fixes to the Hoogle backend

  * Improvements to the haddock library

  * Many other fixes (including #67, #69, #58, #57)

-- Links


Hackage page:

Bugtracker and wiki:

Mailing list:
 haddock at

Code repository:

-- Contributors

The following people contributed patches to this release:

 Joachim Breitner
 Roman Cheplyaka
 Ian Lynagh
 Neil Mitchell
 Simon Peyton-Jones
 Thomas Schilling
 David Waern

-- Get Involved

We welcome new contributors. To get involved, start by grabbing the code:

Then take a look at the bug and feature tracker for things to work on:

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