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#70: 'Contents' improvements based on Python's docs
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Changes (by waern):

  * priority:  critical => major


 Replying to [comment:2 SamB]:
 > Well, it seems like the first thing we need is a syntax for the short
 descriptions to show in the 'Contents'.

 Perhaps a "Brief" field could be added to the module header. For some
 modules it would be really useful to be able to see a brief description in
 the contents page. For modules with quite self-explanatory names such a
 thing would be less meaningful and could then just be omitted by the
 module author.

 Then the question is if we want to group the modules for a better
 overview, and if so, how we should do that. Possible ways to group the
 modules: by package, by root namespace (Control, Data, etc), and by Cabal
 category (as done on Hackage).

 I'm lowering the priority since I don't think this is critical, although
 it's very important that we improve the contents page. I agree that
 there's a big difference between the python page and ours.

 Better navigation features, like "breadcrumbs" for instance, should be
 made into separate tickets, IMO.

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