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#60: Parser fails on same-line documentation
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Comment (by waern):

 Replying to [comment:3 gwern]:
 > I'd just like to note that it seems that this bug is affecting XMonad;
 on the Darcs repo for XMonad, an attempt to build Haddock docs leads to:
 > {{{XMonad/Layout.hs:55:19: parse error on input `!'}}}
 > {{{haddock: Failed to check module: XMonad.Layout}}}
 > The relevant lines:
 > {{{data Tall a = Tall !Int      -- ^ The default number of windows in
 the master pane (default: 1)}}}
 > {{{                   !Rational -- ^ Default proportion of screen
 occupied by master pane (default: 1/2)}}}
 > {{{                   !Rational; -- ^ Percent of screen to increment by
 when resizing panes (default: 3/100)}}}
 > This is with Haddock 2.3.0 and reportedly 2.4.1. I believe the Haddocks
 used to build.

 This is not the same problem as in the ticket description. This ticket is
 for documenting empty data declarations on the same line.

 What you are describing is something that has never been supported by
 Haddock (I tried your example with Haddock 0.9 and it gave a parse error),
 but perhaps it could be. For that I've opened ticket #95.

 A fair complaint would be that we fail with a parse error instead of
 giving a warning message that says that this is not supported. This is a
 more general problem with the parser, and for that I've filed ticket #94.

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