[grapefruit] Can't fit tooltips into grapefruit "box" model

Wolfgang Jeltsch g9ks157k at acme.softbase.org
Tue May 12 09:46:46 EDT 2009

Am Montag, 11. Mai 2009 17:06 schrieb Roman Cheplyaka:
> I'm trying to make a label which can show a tooltip (it probably has to
> be placed into eventbox, but that's irrelevant here).
> I tried to make a box for this, which will take an inner item, a text
> signal and display that item with tooltip.

Hello Roman,

I would propose to just add an extra input signal

    Tooltip ::: SSignal `Of` String

to every widget, like it is currently done for IsEnabled. To make it possible 
to have no tooltip at all, we could change this to

    MaybeTooltip ::: SString `Of` Maybe String

By the way, I don’t see much point in GTK+ introducing the concept of tooltip 
groups. As far as I can see, this helps only in disabling a bunch of 
tooltips. But why should one want to do this? So it might be okay, to just 
work with one global tooltip group or one group per tooltip. The last one is 
probably easier to implement since it frees us from dealing with global 
variables or passing a tooltip group around.

Best wishes,

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