Reporting Bugs
Development version
Mailing lists
Authors and Acknowledgements

Reporting Bugs

Report a bug (or feature request) using our bug tracker. You will have to login to create or edit bug reports, use username guest and password gtk2hs.

Search or browse existing bug reports.

There’s no need to register to use our bug tracker, but if you really don’t like such things then you can use the traditional method and email
your report to the gtk2hs-devel mailing list.

Development version

Gtk2Hs is developed using git. You can browse the code online, or to download the code just run this command:

git clone

This assumes you have git installed of course.

We are more than happy to accept pull requests on github. First Set Up Git then Fork the repository, make your changes and send a pull request.

The build-tools require happy and alex to be installed.

Please consult the install instructions for further information.

Mailing lists

Development discussion takes place on two mailing lists. Development discussions that are not relevant or interesting to users takes place on the gtk2hs-devel list. Issues that may affect users are discussed on the gtk2hs-users list. If you are interested in following or participating in Gtk2Hs development you will want to subscribe to both lists.


Contributions and general help is always very welcome. General comments and feedback is also appreciated. The ideal way to send in code or documentation changes is by sending a pull request to our github repository.

If you have any nice programs written using Gtk2Hs we’d like to hear, especially if we can put some screenshots up here.

Here’s a number of things that people could help with:

  • An introductory tutorial.
  • Cool screenshots!
  • Packages and binaries for more platforms (eg more RPM distros).
  • A more full fledged demo program similar to the gtk-demo program.
  • Updates to the cairo bindings.
  • Bindings for various other Gnome modules.
  • Help with further work on a medium-level API.
  • Low level hacking on GHC to get threads to work nicely with GUIs.

For any of these things it would probably be a good idea to say on the mailing list that you are thinking of looking at one of these issues so we do not duplicate work and so we could give you some pointers or assistance.

Authors and Acknowledgements

The following people have contributed to the development of Gtk2Hs:

Axel Simon
The original author and main developer.
Peter Gavin
Current developer.
Duncan Coutts
Maintainer 2005-2008.
Jens Petersen
Co-developer and packager for Fedora
Manuel M. T. Chakravarty
Author of the Gtk+Hs library which Gtk2Hs was originally based upon. Also the author of C->Haskell, the excellent C library interface generator used by Gtk2Hs.
Paolo Martini
Contributed the binding for cairo. (See Paolo’s blog for the history of the project)
Wolfram Kahl, Scott West and Jonas Svensson
Contributed a binding to a widget which embeds the Mozilla browser rendering engine.
Organised and put together the new website.
Kenneth Hoste
Wrote an introductory article and helped out with testing, screenshots and feedback on bitmap image support.
Hans van Thiel
Converted the Glade Tutorial from the Gtk+ C API to using Haskell and Gtk2Hs
Jonas Svensson
Implementation of the ImageMenuItem widget, and improvements to other widgets.
Vincenzo Ciancia
JP Bernardy
FFI patches
Matthew Walton
Contributed the binding for the ButtonBox widget.
Armin Größlinger
GdkPixmap bindings and bug fixes.
Bertram Felgenhauer
Contributed fixes to make Gtk2Hs build with GHC version 6.6
The Gtk+ Team
Obviously! For creating a mature, portable, full featured user interface toolkit with such good support for language bindings. Furthermore much of our API documentation is lifted directly from the documentation in the C sources.