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Saturday, July 30th, 2005

«…the house is now booting, please wait…»

Good news, Cairo 0.6 was released two days ago: the API will not change anymore until the 1.0 release (apart from additions). At least, now I do have a stable target to reach.

I’m upset to not have had the possibility to code much, I’m approaching the deadline, but I’m confident I’ll complete the project’s requirements.

Some mail arrived in the meanwhile, it would have been funnier to have them on the seaside - they’re so nice anyway ;)

Generalized attribute API

Saturday, July 23rd, 2005

After a brief discussion on the gtk2hs-devel mailing list we’ve now a more general attribute API. Here’s a summary of the hackings:

  • New GeneralAttr datatype introduced, it is parametrized over the monad to be used: data GeneralAttr m o a b = Attr !(o -> m a) !(o -> b -> m ())
  • Generalization of data constructors: e.g. newAttr :: Monad m => (o -> m a) -> (o -> b -> m ()) -> GeneralAttr m o a b
  • Generalization of set/get to handle GeneralAttrs
  • Introduction of set_ and get_ to work with global attributes (the trick is using () as object, similarly to what is done for {read,write}-only attributes)

What’s wrong?

Friday, July 22nd, 2005

As one would think, the provider isn’t going to tell you If you finish the 400MB of “free” (as in pre-paid) internet traffic. When you pass the limit, you start paying. That’s a rather bad but known news. There’s more.

My credit was only 5-6€, and I didn’t know I was beyond the limit - so it went under 0. One could argue I should have checked better how much “free” traffic remained, that is indeed true, but now it seems to be absolutely no way to know how much I did go down.

Is it fair? I mean, I should have checked better, but why they can’t tell me how much should I put in the account to get back to positive sign?

Now, if I pay the 20€ for the only available internet offer (”free” 400MB and then 0.03€/KB, sigh) they’re going to be sucked by the wormhole of my negative credit, without give me anything, in the worst case.

By the way, I found a work-around and I’m back online - but this issue was very very bad in my opinion.

Apart from that, for those thinking about UMTS connections, in my experience the bandwidth is acceptable - the modem top speed is 460800 baud. It is enough to a normal developing activity, e.g. emails/web/ssh/rss feeds/some downloads (I reached peaks of 25KB/sec downstream).

Tell me how spring is like on…

Wednesday, July 20th, 2005

…Jupiter and Mars? No, just the moon!, so is there cheese under the surface? ;-)

I’m approaching the 300 of 400MB of free mobile internet bandwidth, sigh - after than it’s going to be rather expensive (0.03€/KB). I’ll probably be at home before passing the limit, but I’m hating the high fees.

A little note, never understimate the effect of the words “you’re doing well so far” and seeing people moving around you - it is very motivating. That is, thank you Duncan for the valuable support; and thank you Shae Erisson and Isaac Jones for the hosting space for the project (url to be announced soon).