Gtk2Hs 0.11.0 released

Today, we’re proud to announce the very first release of Gtk2Hs that comes in cabal packages. This means that installation is easier on all systems in that only the Gtk+ libraries have to be installed before a simple ‘cabal install gtk2hs-buildtools’ and ‘cabal install gtk’ do the rest of the job. This even holds for Windows! See the install instructions for detailed information.

This release probably still has some rough corners, but we feel that a cabal release is due and hope that it’s already usable!

Axel, on behalf of the Gtk2Hs developers

5 Responses to “Gtk2Hs 0.11.0 released”

  1. Ivan Lazar Miljenovic Says:

    You should probably also specify that “cabal install gtk2hs-buildtools” is needed before “cabal install gtk”; this just tripped someone up on #haskell.

  2. Greg Says:

    Great work guys! I’ve wanted a cabalized cairo for a long time!

  3. dixie Says:

    good job

  4. Leonel Says:

    On my windows xp and HP 2010-1, I had to cabal install piece by piece.

    Because one of the last steps of each package installa is removing the executable setup file, and this is happening with wrong syntax, i.e. c:\\tmp\\i\\dont\\like\\escaped\\backslashes\\setup.exe.

    Thanks for the effort!!!!

  5. styx Says:

    Congratulations! It is really cool release. Many thanks for cabal install.

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