Barracuda P2P Chat

Barracuda (by Stephan Friedrichs, Henning G√ľnther, Oliver Mielentz and Martin Wegner) implements an ad-hoc (p2p) network. On top of that, a chat application has been realised.

Just like in IRC, the communication is organised in channels. A channel maybe anonymous (the messages’ origin is obscured), private (encrypted, only invited users may join them) or public (free for all users).

The GUI has been designed to hide the rather complicated network from the user and to look like a usual chat application. At first, every user has to select his/her private and public key, Barracuda checks if they match:

[img] [img]

Then the user may create or join private and public channels and actually chat:

[img] [img]

It is also possible to send and receive attachments:


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