Himerge screenshots

Himerge is a graphical user interface for Gentoo Linux’s package system. Araujo wrote it in Haskell using Gtk2Hs.


The main idea is to simplify browsing the package collection as well as to allow the user to perform the most common operations that the Gentoo package tool provides: “emerge”, “unmerge”, “world”, “sync”, “buildpkg”, “fetchonly”, “usepkg”.

[img] [img]

Himerge also offers several handy tools, like a browser for global and local “use” flags, a packages branch editor (keyword/unmask/use files), mozilla support to check the package homepage, and it also uses eix as backend to search for package information.

[img] [img]

3 Responses to “Himerge screenshots”

  1. Pete Kazmier Says:

    Were there any appreciable benefits to programming this GUI in Haskell? I assume you have GUI experience because the design is quite nice. Could you elaborate on the development experience?


  2. Radek Says:

    When I’m trying to download source code I get 404 error.

  3. Luis Araujo Says:


    Thanks Pete, i just posted an article about it on http://araujoluis.blogspot.com , i hope it might give you an idea about GUI programing on Haskell.

    Sorry Radek, i still don’t update the himerge page, i will do it this weekend, for now, you can download the code from the new repo with:

    dars get –partial http://www.haskell.org/~luisfaraujo/himerge-darcs/

    Thanks and Regards,