New Gtk2Hs pre-release in time for xmas

So we didn’t quite make our deadline of a 0.9.11 release before xmas but I think we’re pretty close. We are at least into the release phase.

You can now grab a tarball of Gtk2Hs version
Try to build it, test it and report problems back to us.

As for the issue of the new list/tree widget system, we’ve decided to include the new api in parallel with the old. This means we’re not yet breaking anyone’s old code while providing access the new api. We’re not promising yet that the new api is perfect but that’s partly why we want to get it included in a release - so that people can try it and tell us what’s missing. To get at it just:

import qualified Graphics.UI.Gtk.ModelView as New

You really have to use import qualified because most of the names clash.

You can also check out the demos in the demo/treeList and demo/profileviewer directories.

After xmas we’ll follow up with some proper release candiate tarballs, lots more testing, and we’ll give you the details on what minimal api changes there are in this release.

In other news, after writing us a great glade tutorial, Hans van Thiel has been hard at work on an introductory tutorial. With any luck that’ll be available around the same time as the 0.9.11 release.

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