More OpenGL goodness

This is a picture of Kenneth Hoste’s HaskLS 3D LSystem viewer.
In the live program the tree rotates on a vertial axis and looks quite impressive.

The picture above is of HaskLS ported to use Gtk2Hs’s OpenGL support rather than the GLUT. Originally it used a combination of Gtk2Hs for the LSystem settings part of the GUI and HOpenGL with GLUT for the 3D part.

That solution was not optimal since the GLUT and Gtk+ event loops do not run at the same time. The new version works much better and gives the opportunity to embed the widget showing the 3D animation in the main window rather than them having to be seperate as was the case when using GLUT.

Just for fun I’ve got a flash video of the tree rotating. I recorded it using vnc2swf.

Warning! 3.3 Mb Flash video ahead:

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One Response to “More OpenGL goodness”

  1. boegel Says:

    w00 ! Thanks Duncan, I’m glad my small program is of use when showing off the new Gtk2Hs features :)