What’s wrong?

As one would think, the provider isn’t going to tell you If you finish the 400MB of “free” (as in pre-paid) internet traffic. When you pass the limit, you start paying. That’s a rather bad but known news. There’s more.

My credit was only 5-6€, and I didn’t know I was beyond the limit - so it went under 0. One could argue I should have checked better how much “free” traffic remained, that is indeed true, but now it seems to be absolutely no way to know how much I did go down.

Is it fair? I mean, I should have checked better, but why they can’t tell me how much should I put in the account to get back to positive sign?

Now, if I pay the 20€ for the only available internet offer (”free” 400MB and then 0.03€/KB, sigh) they’re going to be sucked by the wormhole of my negative credit, without give me anything, in the worst case.

By the way, I found a work-around and I’m back online - but this issue was very very bad in my opinion.

Apart from that, for those thinking about UMTS connections, in my experience the bandwidth is acceptable - the modem top speed is 460800 baud. It is enough to a normal developing activity, e.g. emails/web/ssh/rss feeds/some downloads (I reached peaks of 25KB/sec downstream).

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