Project startup

Hi, that’s me from Tuscany seaside - thanks to Google’s initial funding I managed to get an internet connection, without a physical phone line, trough a cool UMTS phone. The connection itself is a bit expensive, but it will do it for this month, I’m constricted there :-)

I’m not such a “blogging” guy, but I’ll try to keep this blog up to date with the state of the developing. Much brainstorming has been done up to now, and I’m ready to start coding.

The first issue to get the hand on is the FFI interface generator, I’m working on porting the current hscairo code from hsc2hs to c2hs.

The latter has a several benefits over the former: specifically, c2hs will detect inconsistencenies with the C api which hsc2hs will not (which is important, the cairo C api is not stable!). Also, Duncan’s code was integrated in c2hs just two days ago, reducing memory consumption for large C libraries dramatically.

The other important issues are being talked, I’ll post about them as soon as we take the compelling decisions. I’m really enjoying making my way through the code and the documentation, with the great help of Duncan, Axel, and Abraham.

More news on the way, peace out.

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