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List Description
Accelerate DEPRECATED — Developer and user list for Data.Array.Accelerate
Alt-stdlib This mailing list is defunct.
Augeas [no description available]
Camp [no description available]
Chart A library for rendering 2D charts in Haskell
Combinatorics Discussion forum for combinatorics in Haskell
Dblimited [no description available]
Ghc-iphone [no description available]
GLFW Mailinglist for GLFW Haskell Module Developers
Gnuplot gnuplot interface for Haskell
Grapefruit Discussion about the Grapefruit FRP library
Haddock [no description available]
Hal Announcement and discussion of HaL meetings
Haskeline [no description available]
haskell-br Grupo Brasileiro de Usuários de Haskell
Haskell-llvm Haskell and the Low Level Virtual Machine
Haskell-platform [no description available]
Haskellmode-emacs [no description available]
Hasklab [no description available]
HaTeX Mailing list of the HaTeX project (a LaTeX implementation in Haskell)
Hnn [no description available]
Hoopl Announcements about the Hoopl optimization library
Iteratee iteratee usage and development
Lambdabot [no description available]
Language-c Language.C Developer/User List
Leksah DEPRECATED - use
NLP Haskell for Natural Language Processing
Numeric-Prelude Discuss design of Numeric Prelude type class hierarchy
Patchwork Discussion about the Patchwork darcs GUI frontend
QuickCheck QuickCheck discussion
rmonad Restricted monads package
Takusen Database library with left-fold interface, for PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQLite, ODBC.
vector The vector package
xhtml Discussion about the xhtml Haskell package.
Xmobar Xmobar, a text-based status bar

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